Valentine's Day Gifts

St Valentine’s Day, the annual celebration of all expressions of love and affection arrives on February 14th and as always we like to be prepared. As with all legends, precise facts are few but it is believed that Saint Valentine was a Christian martyr whose last act before execution at the hands of the Roman emperor was to write a letter to his beloved simply signed “From Your Valentine”.                               

Over time these gestures have extended to include precious and sometimes extravagant gifts, so as we are very grateful not to be in such a desperate position, we see nothing wrong with conveying real love with something a little more substantial....

Buying the right gift depends on your relationship, your partner’s personality and finally depends on what message you want to convey for your lover. Here at Go British, we know how hard it can be, so we have curated a small list of gifts  for her and for him designed to cater for your other half no matter what the circumstance.