Men's Accessories

It is not uncommon for the modern British gentleman to be seen carrying his essentials in a mens bag of some description. Indeed it is all the rage to be seen neatly sporting ones goods in a smart little pouch. 

Long gone are the days when men thought that their belongings should be carried in the purses of their wives and mistresses. The modern man has more gadgets than ever at his disposal and with mobile phones, ipads, laptops, wallets, grooming bags etc, it would be most unsightly to try and stuff all of these things into the pockets of a well-cut suit!

Whilst Cufflinks can be as plain or as decorative as one can imagine and often allow men in more conservative fields of dress the subtle opportunity to display a touch of character and individuality to this small area around the wrists, they have become ever more design led since the increase in presence of men's style and fashion choices. 

Falconry and the more elaborate and decorated gloves were used for ceremonial occasions and state affair. Translated into many modern forms including as sportswear, protective wear or just formal dressing, the traditional dress and driving glove still has a place today. 

Pocket squares and handkerchiefs may be synonymous with traditional old English houses, formal attire and polite dinner party conversation but beyond wide perception, they have many uses in the modern day and designers have come up with stylish takes on this piece to update them. 

Ties are worn regularly as smart office-wear across Britain, they are also worn by school children to determine an identity, and certain Sporting and Gentlemen's clubs have their own club ties to define membership, rank, status or anything else in between. The history on the necktie is as rich as it is extravagant, but over the decades of the 20th century it has changed dramatically in width from the widest and loudest styles from the mid '40s to the beginning of the 50's when the ties often reached 5" wide, to the skinniest made in the 80's. There are 85 different ways that a necktie!