Designer socks for men. An English gentleman pays as much attention to choosing his socks as he does his bespoke suits and bench made shoes.

Firstly, he will insist that his socks are long enough to reach up to his calf, as there is nothing more vulgar than the sight of bare leg flesh. They should also be pulled up tight for a more elegant and polished look, as there is nothing sadder than a mass of crumpled sock gathering around one's ankles.

And finally, there is the controversial issue of colour and pattern. Some believe that socks should be the same colour as one's trousers i.e blue, black or grey. Others go all out: baby pink, banana yellow, lilac, bright greens, stripes, checks, houndstooth - nothing is out of bounds for these hosiery fetishists. Around the world, colourful and loudly patterned socks are a symbol of English eccentricity.

To help you channel some English eccentricity into your outfit without going too crazy, we have chosen a selection of coloured and patterned socks that can be easily accessorized with the widest range of outfits possible.

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