Cornelia James

Cornelia James Gloves.

Simultaneously, fashion history and fashion’s best kept secret, Cornelia James is a brand to have enjoyed longstanding design integrity and applaud, since its beginnings in 1946.

The most famous glovemakers, around the world, largely due to their royal associations as glove manufacturers to the Queen, from her wedding day to Prince Phillip until today, Cornelia James, though, transcends time and fashions with styles that have also adorned the front covers of fashions biggest publications including French Vogue.

Using the finest quality materials through wool, cashmere, lace and everything in between and an array of modern and classic colours, buying a pair of Cornelia James is a fashion investment, sure to reward you, as they stand up to the test of time.

As seen on a diverse range of leading public eye figures from Kate Middleton to Madonna and actress Jennifer Lawrence.

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