Jun 16th - 20th | The Royal Ascot

Ascot is arguably the most famous of the European racecourses and Royal Ascot is the centrepiece of it’s year. The event was founded in 1771 by Queen Anne and is attended each year by Queen Elizabeth II along with several members of the royal family. At the start of each race day they head a Royal Procession in a horse drawn carriage and the Queen’s Royal Standard or official flag is raised. It is a major highlight of the British social calendar, and has been labelled by the event as a combination of excitement, pageantry, fashion and style. Strict dress code must be observed for race-goers, where rules had to recently be re-established as attire was becoming too revealing and slack.

For ladies, formal day dress of a modest length, with shoulder straps of one inch or greater is acceptable. A hat or substantial head piece (with a base of 4"/10cm) must be worn at all times. For men, full black or grey morning dress is required. The Royal Ascot really is an event not to be missed; both for her Majesty and the millinery!

For more information visit www.ascot.co.uk



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