Pimms O'clock

Brits love nothing more than to have a tipple with friends after work and need no excuse to whip out the martini glasses and toast each others good health (or not!).

It's a time to put aside the rigors of work and study and socialise. Freshen up after a busy day in town and head for the bar or (if its a hot summer day) to the park with a hamper packed with delicious snacks and drinks

Pimm's is also the name of a quintessential cocktail made with British liqueur Pimm's, lemonade, and fruit, a favourite in the summer.

Pimm's Recipe:

Slices of orange, lemon, strawberries and cucumber
Fresh mint
200ml Pimm’s 
600ml Waitrose Lemonade

Half fill a serving jug with ice, fruit, cucumber and mint, add the Pimm’s and just before serving, top up with the lemonade, stir and serve.


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