Picnics can be traced back in Britain to the 14th century when medieval feasts were held out doors before a hunt but it became really popular in the Victorian era and many novels from that time wrote about them.

The Brits love the great outdoors, and in summertime the best way to spend the balmy sunny afternoons with family or friends is to enjoy a picnic. It’s a great excuse to sun ones self and wear a pretty floral dress and big hat if you’re a girl and blazers, white or cheerfully coloured trousers and panama hats for the boys.

Spread a blanket on the grass whilst overlooking a distant game of cricket or croquet, or perhaps watching the rowing at Henley or Oxford or listening to the classical concerts at Kenwood or Glyndebourne. As long as you have a good selection of sandwiches (cucumber with the crusts cut off are delightful), A good game pie with cranberry sauce and some scotch eggs, your half way to experiencing a true British picnic. 

The 4th Earl of Sandwich invented the Sandwich it is said in the 18th Century when he had decided that he something he could eat easily without leaving the gambling table. He decided that he would like a slice of cold roast beef in between two pieces of toast, and the Sandwich, as we know it was born.

Cold roast meats are always good at picnics enjoyed with a good bottle of wine and some champagne to be enjoyed too with an Eton Mess for desert. Britain produces all different variations on the sausage from different counties and produces around 700 types of cheese; so don’t forget to add come to your summer feast too!


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